Kaua`i Outrigger Canoe Recreation & Competitive Club

Kawaikini Canoe Club

Paddling With Kawaikini

Join us for Sunday Cruising.  All Year-Round

See Events for all Race Results & a Schedule of upcoming races.  All are welcome!

Kawaikini Canoe Club encourages all men & women to come join us at the Wailua River for competitive or recreational  outrigger canoe paddling. 

Paddling Days

Kawaikini Competitive paddlers meet, starting in February, every Wednesday, at 5:00 pm for warm-up and in the water around 5:30 pm.  The coach determines the type of practice and skills practiced dependent on the type of events coming up.

We also meet on Sundays at 8:00.  This is a relaxed paddle day for those that are in the competitive program and for those that are not. Also, this day we meet afterwards at Olympic Cafe for Bloody Mary Sunday and breakfast most weeks. 

Guest Thank You Card - 12/12 - Dean & Melodie 

 All paddlers are welcome. Members are assigned as much as possible into canoes as cruiser or competitive preference.  If you are looking to see if you would like to join us this is the best day for guests as weekdays are reserved for our race practice.  We welcome people to come for 2 weeks as a guest before they are encouraged to join Kawaikini Canoe Club.

Off-Island Guests are Welcome on Sundays. Donations are welcome but not required.

Member of Kaua'i Outrigger Association (KOA)

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Hanalei Long Distance 2012

Lanakila, Scott, Mo, Mickey, Luke, Mia

How can I come paddling with Kawaikini Canoe Club?

Club Cheer

Hoe mua,
Hoe mau,
Kawaikini hoe kau.
'Ekahi, 'elua, 'ekolu,

Hoe = paddle
mau =forward
mua = onward, ahead, proceed
'Ekahi = One
'elua = Two
'ekolu = Three
Kawaikini = Many Waters


Common Terms in Paddling

Ho'o makaukau : get ready

Hoe hapai : paddles up

Imua : forward

Huki : pull

Lawa : enough